7 Little Things You Can Do to Make a Child More Comfortable

  1. Introduce yourself and ask them their name

    • It is very important to make a formal introduction with a child. Ask them their name and tell them yours. Making a solid introduction will put you on the right track to establishing rapport.
  2. Lower your body to their level

    • The mere size of an adult relative to a kid can be intimidating, so be sure to crouch down or lower yourself to their level. Doing so will allow for a less intimidating interaction.
  3. Learn their Language

    • There are simple things, such as movies or imaginary characters that most kids enjoy. If you learn what some of these things are, then you will have a wonderful starting point for a conversation and/or interaction to occur.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be silly or goofy

    • One of the simplest ways to establish rapport with a child is ask or say something silly to them. An easy one is hair color. Pretend you do not know how or why their hair is the color it is and ask them if they had to put a type of food in their hair to get it that color.
  5. Display genuine interest in what they like or are doing

    • Few things are more exciting to a child than when an adult shows interest and excitement in something they like or doing. One good method to do this is by asking questions that allow them to teach you.
  6. Talk softly and with a consistent tone

    • Kids thrive in environments that are familiar, safe, and consistent. One way you can create comfortable environment with a child is with how you speak to them. Try to stay monotone with them, except if you are conveying an emotion, such as excitement.
  7. If other kids are around, then utilize them to demonstrate you that you can be trusted

    • Kids are often very cautious when meeting someone new or different; however, demonstrating you have the trust of another child or even animal, such as a cat or dog, can be monumental in gaining trust.

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