Who We Are

CORE is a youth sports academy devoted to using sports to positively impact children’s lives. At CORE, children will fine-tune their sports skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere, while being exposed to good sportsmanship, teamwork, fairness, and appropriate peer interaction.

CORE coaches offer private, semi private, and group instruction in team sports, including basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and soccer for children ranging from 3 to 12 years old.

 Why CORE?

CORE prides itself on the following:

  • Commitment to instilling a passion for sports and physical/outdoor activity in every child, regardless of shape, size, or athletic ability
  • Staff that understand the importance of their role and desire to positively impact children’s lives
  • Offering customized teaching approaches that cater to the needs of each child
  • Age-Appropriate (max of 1 year difference) Programs  for all major youth sports
  • Our attention to a child’s psychological and emotional growth is what sets CORE apart from other youth sports programs.
  • Small Classes and Great Child to Staff Ratios (1 to 5)
  • CORE Cards– individual reports given to parents that address your child’s overall athleticism and essential sports values