Eleni Richards

  • Educational Background: Graduated with two degrees from UCI: psychology & social behavior and educational sciences.
  • Sports Background: In the past I have experienced many different sports but I enjoy Greek dance the most. My Greek dance group has ranked #1 on the west coast for the past 5 years! I am very proud to be a part of my dance team.
  • Career Background: Although I’ve been helping my mom out with her jewelry business since 8th grade, my first official job is with CORE! I started at CORE almost 3 years ago as an intern and since then have improved my coaching skills to be a lead coach.
  • Future Goals: This upcoming August I will be attending CSULB to pursue a Master’s degree in School Counseling. I hope to counsel middle school students but am open to other ages as well.
  • Fun Fact:  A fun fact about myself is that I have had a total of 12 cats during my whole life! They don’t stick around for long though…
  • What I like most about being a CORE Coach: My favorite part about being a CORE coach is watching the kids grow. I love seeing the change the kids experience physically, mentally, and socially from the first week I meet them to the last week of the session. It shows me the difference I make on each child’s life and makes me hopeful for the future impact I will have as a school counselor.